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 Let Racist ‘Susu’ Lu Ke Face the Law

CDEDI held a press briefing today in Lilongwe to condemn shameless attempts to shield racist Chinese National Lu Ke popularity known as Susu and Malawi Government’s indecisiveness over this criminal activity.

Below is the full statement made by CDEDI Executive Director Mr. Sylvester Namiwa who was accompanied by Concerned Citizens; Ms. Zainab Hassan, Mr. Mundango Nyirenda and Mr. Wells Khama.

From Left to Right: Ms. Zainab Hassan, Mr. Namiwa, Mr. Mundango Nyirenda & Mr. Wells Khama



The Centre for Democracy and Economic Development Initiatives (CDEDI) has sadly uncovered yet another tactic and shameless attempt by some sectors of the society, who are trying to defend racist Chinese national Lu Ke, popularly known as Susu, by twisting information to suit their selfish interests, and issuing threats to well-meaning citizens who are urging authorities to bring the suspect to book.

Lu is the Chinese national suspected to be behind the racist video recordings that have gone viral, containing racial attacks and child exploitation at Njewa in Lilongwe. The video recordings have come into public domain through an investigation done by Africa Eye of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). 

Following this incident, CDEDI convened a press briefing earlier this week and urged governments of Malawi and China to expeditiously bring Mr Lu Ke to book. However, some misguided individuals seem to have taken advantage of CDEDI’s calls for justice on the matter, and are reportedly busy scheming attacks on some innocent Chinese nationals.

If, indeed, that is true, we at CDEDI hereby condemn such plans and those behind them. Otherwise, we view the reports as a deliberate ploy to divert Malawians’ attention from real issues raised by CDEDI and other human rights bodies within and outside Malawi as regards the dehumanizing said videos. 

It is worth putting on record that the filming incident as it stands is an isolated case by an individual, and not the entire Chinese community in Malawi; therefore, it is not a matter that affects all Chinese nationals staying in this country; hence, we should not use one brash to paint all.  

Secondly, by giving the seven-day ultimatum, CDEDI and any of the concerned citizens and human rights campaigners are not in any way calling on anyone to take the law into their hands. In Malawi, we have a clear and functioning judicial system that ought to be respected at all times, irrespective of amount of provocation.

Since the matter also borders on aspects of profit-making, CDEDI is urging the relevant authorities to ensure that survivors of the exploitative filming should benefit by way of compensation. 

That said, CDEDI would like to reiterate its earlier stance that authorities should desist from any attempts to employ delaying tactics and/or downplaying this, otherwise, serious crime against humanity. 

Thus far, the silence on the part of government authorities is so deafening, considering that Malawians’ memories are still fresh on the zeal and energy the Ministry of Tourism and Culture recently handled the ban of a South African dancer Zodwa wa Bantu, from entering Malawi to perform.

Malawians are missing the efficiency of the responsible Minister Hon. Michael Ussi, and the Department of Immigration, including the Malawi Police Service, who exchanged memos until Zodwa, whom the authorities reportedly feared posed a threat to Malawi’s culture, was barred from entering the country. 

Malawians may also wish to recall that the moment the BBC released an investigative report on Erik Aniva from the Lower Shire, the late former president Bingu wa Mutharika ordered Aniva’s arrest, and he was indeed arrested and taken through the judicial system. This is the kind of swiftness Malawians expected to see in Susu’s case.  

It is against this background that CDEDI and all well-meaning Malawians will stop at nothing but push for the arrest of Susu. CDEDI’s earlier demands still stand as follows:

. Seven (7) working days for the arrest of Mr. Lu Ke. Since it is feared by many that he has bolted, the onus is on the Chinese Government to bring him back to Malawi to face the law; 

. The Chinese Ambassador to Malawi to make a public apology to Malawians in particular, and the black community in general;

. The Immigration Department, the Malawi Police Service and the Malawi Trade and Investment Centre to flush out all Chinese nationals that are staying or doing business in the country illegally. 

Failure by the stated institutions to act as demanded above will leave CDEDI with no choice but to mobilise the masses to hold peaceful demonstrations until Mr. Lu Ke faces the law.  

Pictorial for the press briefing.

Ms. Zainab Hassan addressing the media

Mr. Mundango Nyirenda addressing media

Cross section of members of media

Mr. Wells Khama addressing media 

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About Us

CDEDI is a Registered NGO which aims at promoting economic prosperity of a common person and creating an active and informed citizenry through information and knowledge sharing.

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