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CDEDI is a Registered NGO which aims at promoting economic prosperity of a common person and creating an active and informed citizenry through information and knowledge sharing.

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Press Statement

Lilongwe, 1 February, 2020


It is only two days to the judgment day! The Constitutional Court will deliver its ruling on the landmark presidential election case on Monday February 3, 2020.

As the day draws closer Center for Democracy and Economic Development Initiatives (CDEDI) would like to commend the great leadership qualities displayed by Malawi Congress Party (MCP) President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera and UTM President Dr. Saulosi Chilima by coming out in the open to address their supporters in particular and Malawians in general. Among other things the two preached peace and unity before during and after the landmark ruling. Most importantly they appealed to their supporters to accept the ruling and move on, this augurs well with our Accept and move on campaign.

CDEDI is also delighted by the move by Centre for Multiparty Democracy (CMD) that has seen political parties committing themselves to peace through the signing of a peace pact, this will move a long way in ensuring peaceful co-existence among Malawians.

As CDEDI we would like to reiterate our appeal to Malawians to maintain peace, law and order now, during and after the ruling. It is a fact that the ruling will favour one side. So, CDEDI would like to remind both sides that they should respect the ruling the way it will come. Those who will win should celebrate with humility and desist from acts that may provoke others.

As CDEDI we are convinced that our courts will deliver a just ruling based on the existing laws and available evidence. However, should the other side feel justice has not been done, they should be free to appeal by following proper channels without resorting to violence.

Although CDEDI is impressed with the high level of commitment to peace demonstrated by various stakeholders including political party leaders that are key to peace building and national unity, we are shocked and disturbed by the silence from Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) President Prof. Peter Mutharika. His silence is too loud to be ignored! CDEDI therefore, reminds Mutharika that he is the current Malawi leader as such he should have been the first to speak and preach for peace, national unity and the need to accept the ruling first to his party followers in particular and then Malawians in general.

Mutharika is known for his tendency of burying his head in the sand during difficult times but we find such acts very dangerous now as the sand is too hot for his head, CDEDI therefore, demand that The Malawi leader should come out of his cocoon and convene a press conference and join his counterparts Chakwera and Chilima in appealing for peace and unity among the people.

CDEDI just like many other well-meaning Malawians would like to caution Mutharika that Malawi is at a critical moment when her history is being rewritten therefore he should mind of his actions since it will form part of his legacy.

CDEDI is also calling upon traditional and religious leaders to take a leading role in preparing the masses to maintain peace and unity during this period. On the other hand we advise them not to be seen to be predicting the court ruling.

We at CDEDI commend the UTM President for advising his supporters to follow the court proceedings on Monday from the comfort of their homes. We encourage the DPP and MCP supporters to follow suit, to avoid unnecessary clashes with the law enforcers.

Every Malawian of goodwill has the duty and responsibility to preach peace and unity during this period.

CDEDI is once again calling upon the youth of this country to resist from being used to perpetrate violence by some greedy politicians. We want to remind the youth that their role should not be downgraded to that of being weapons for anarchy by their political masters.

While commending the media for doing a commendable job in ensuring that the masses follow the court proceedings CDEDI is imploring on the media to ensure that they should maintain highest ethical and professional standards in their reporting and programming and desist from sensational and overzealousness in their work.


CDEDI is a non partisan, nongovernmental organization that was established in a quest to attain a well-informed and organized citizenry that can ably demand their social and economic rights at the same time hold duty bearers accountable for their actions.

Among many others CDEDI aims at sensitizing the masses on matters of national importance, inculcate the spirit of a peaceful coexistence among people of different ethnic, political and religious affiliations; provide civic education on people’s rights and responsibilities in economic independence and contribution towards national development and lobbying for the electoral law reforms.





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About Us

CDEDI is a Registered NGO which aims at promoting economic prosperity of a common person and creating an active and informed citizenry through information and knowledge sharing.

Our Goal

A well-informed and organized citizenry that can ably demand their socio-economic rights and hold duty bearers accountable for their actions

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