Milestones achieved

  • CDEDI engaged government to review the Pension Act of 2011 to allow those people that lost their jobs due to the restrictive preventive measures against Covid-19 to access their funds. The bill was prepared and appeared on the order paper, but it was not tabled in
  • CDEDI ignited debate on the need for the country to publicly discuss the qualifications for one to become a Member of Parliament and the official language to be used in the national assembly. The matter was picked up by the Lost History Foundation who later petitioned parliament.
  • CDEDI engaged government on behalf of Malawian students that got stuck in China due to Covid-19 travel restrictions. Government moved in with a bail out


CDEDI is receiving information from whistleblowers regarding the abuse of public office and/or public funds and is acting on such information by engaging the relevant bodies such as the Office of the Ombudsman and the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB).